Full Branding

Graphic Design

It is easy to overlook the important of starting right. There is a misconception that the image of the business doesn't matter as long as the service or product it great. In this digital age where techonology and the arts have merged together into one field, the right branding image could make or break the business. The science and philosophy behind the types of lines, colors, styles are quickly visually understood by the market and customers. Leave the logos, business cards, flyers, pamphlets, or anything else design related to us. We will deliver a design that not only is practical but also asethetically mesmerizing. Make your business one where the customer can instantly recognize your brand!

Web Design

A professional looking site is a must in this day and age. The quality of your website is an online representation of your business online, and it is crucial you develop a good first impression. Your clients, business network, target market will base your professionalism on the quality of your website; people often correlate online presence with business success. A high quality website instantly builds trust and a solid reputation. Linx Digital creates websites that are beautiful, professional, and are easy to use. Our websites are SEO optimized to help your website rank for search engine terms.

Effective Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing involves creating an email list with your existing client base, and emailing that list with offers, promotions, and updates. Email Marketing is an incredibly effective marketing method as it allows you to directly reach the inbox of existing and past clients. We specialize in creating email lists, consolidating your existing data into that email list, creating email sign up forms, and creating email templates and the emails itself. The is the best way to create costumer loyality and keep your current costumer base intact and active.

Social Media

Social Media is an incredible tool that allows you to stay connected with your clients. By using social media you become an ever present fixture in your clients life. Social media helps you get more repeat buyers, word of mouth, and is a vital tool in building your online reputation and presence. Social media can be used to generate hype about your business through contests and giveaways. The ever growing online sphere allows individuals to make instantaneous replies, comments, remarks to reach thousands of potential clients as well. With our Social Media services we can help you grow your online presence and brand, increasing your popularity.

Longterm SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization brings results. Period. Here are a few statistics-

“93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results. Inbound leads cost 61% lower than outbound leads. An example of an inbound lead might be from search engine optimization. An outbound lead might be from a cold call.”

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, consider this fact- “40% of SEO campaigns aware of their ROI achieve returns in excess of 500%, while only 22% of PPC campaigns were able to achieve this value.”

Yes, 40 percent of SEO Campaigns achieve an incredible ROI of more than 500%. Consider the fact that a large and significant number of SEO companies are incompetent, and that number seems even more amazing. Just imagine what a passionate and knowledgeable company like Linx can do for you.


Our focus is on SEO that works in the long term. Unlike other SEO companies that will take your money and outsource everything to the cheapest workers possible, we only use in house talent. The vast majority of our work is done by the two co-founders. We have a passion for SEO, and that passion translates to better results for you. Our focus is on SEO that is effective yet safe. We avoid black hat world tactics as those tend to hurt your company in the long term. Additionally, we seek to educate our clients unlike other SEO companies which work in the dark.

Free SEO ConsultationIf you’re in the Toronto area, we can provide you with a free 1 hour consultation in person. If you live anywhere else in the world we can give you a free consultation over Skype. We will take a look at your site, and give you actionable tips on how to increase the amount of search engine traffic you get. This consultation is completely free with no sales pitch.

LinxSEO prides itself on transparency.

We provide full reports of all the work we do. We consider you as our partners in helping your site rank, increase conversions, increase web visibility and we will keep you informed of everything we do.

We do not use black hat SEO or anything that may risk the safety of your site.

The first thing we do is an analysis of your business to see which keywords you want to go for. Then we figure out how well you are doing on those keywords, and how we can improve. We will comb through your site and ensure that your on-site SEO is perfectly done. Then we’ll create a content + link building strategy that will help you dominate search engines and leave your competition in the dust.Our goal is to ensure your site’s backlink profile is so clean that an employee at Google could take a look at it and not find a single bad link.

Web Analytics