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Goldstar Cafe

Graphic Design

Anything you need to brand and launch your business with pride. Our creative directors will do all the graphic, web, and print design

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McDow Landscaping

Corporate Web Design

A strong web presence is key to taking your business to the next step. Help your customers and clientels find exactly what they need

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Want a tangible difference in your traffic and interest? Our years of ranking and SEO experience will place you above your competition

Do you want to make your competitors jealous and double your sales with one stone?

Well, that means you probably want us to create a fast, beautiful, and sturdy website for you!

If you don’t, you may be in big trouble. Your business’ website is the online “storefront” of your company. Now, you wouldn’t want to open your business open in the shadiest part of town would you? And you definitely wouldn’t build it out of rotten wood. When you need to build your dream house, you don’t hire your 17 year old nephew, but you hire the best damn construction team in town! Why should your website by any different?

Linx Digital knows that an excellent website and branding is a must for any Kitchener business. Whether you’re a startup, or an established firm, you must ensure that the digital age doesn’t leave you behind. When we build a website, our aim is for it to be professional, mobile-optimized, beautiful, fast, and safe!

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